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Éttermünk 2022.01.12 technikai okok miatt ZÁRVA TART

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Dear guests!

Our restaurant is closed 12.01.2022  

for technical reasons  

Thank you for your understanding!


Cari ospiti!

Il nostro ristorante 12.01.2022

è chiuso per motivi tecnici

Grazie per la vostra comprensione!


Il Terzo Cerchio (The Third Circle, a reference to Dante’s “Inferno”) is now tucked in a quiet corner on Dohány utca – just a few meters away from the bustle of Rákóczi út. It’s a bit more sophisticated than your typical Italian eatery, but the atmosphere is still homey and inviting.

Large windows, plenty of space and a brick-covered, vaulted ceiling all contribute to a warm, rustic ambiance. Evenings, the place is usually busy and noisy – just as every proper trat­toria should be.

“On the third level of Dante Infernal Gluttony was punished with acid rain. In our hell, tasty and fresh food is the punishment.”

We hope to see you among our guests soon!